Musical Muses 1 : Dirty Beaches, True Blue.

For some odd reason I find myself coming back to this song from time to time. Though overly pastiche in its approach to reference its 50’s rockabilly influence, thats where the allure is for me. I recently had a conversation with a co-worker about 80’s martial arts movies and how they hold their value through perpetuating overly macho archetypes. The value is in the cheesiness.

I find a similar cheesiness in true blue, as it’s a nod to rockabilly artists like Elvis, Roy Orbison, etc. Overly saturated lo-fi vocals, 3 chord progression, interlude, and a tinge of lost love.

Excuse me while I roll up my t-shirt sleeves and slick my pompadour back.

I walk along these streets until I Have you in my arms
Now that you’re gone in my heart so wild and blue
And if I had the chance, I’d never let you go
And doll if you haven’t called back, I’m begging you please
True Blue, baby
True Blue, for you
Forever and now
No matter how far the distances
I just want you to know
That my heart will always be true
True blue
For you
True blue
True blue
True blue
True blue (for you babe)